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Happy Tuesday, everybody!

So I’m going to be reorganizing my shelves soon, but before I do I figure I should give a current bookshelf tour!

Here’s my bookshelf as it is right now. -7457241493034808226_IMG_6996It’s organized by color (gotta love the rainbows) but I’m actually running out of space with this organization system. One main reason I’m going to change is that books in the same series aren’t together and I feel like it would look pretty grouped together. I may change to a vertical rainbow though so *wild shrugging*

We’ll start with the first little section.-8446333144257700743_IMG_6956

I, uh, really didn’t know what to do with my porcelain dolls so here’s one of them acting as post-poison Juliet. My grandma gave them to me, so I didn’t want them collecting dust in the garage, but I’m going to find a different place for them with the new organization system. I think I still -7681121477765116962_IMG_6957want to have sections for different series being featured, so we’ll see.

Next, we have my current collection of Shadowhunters books (I don’t have many). I haven’t read this whole series yet, but I did get to like…the fourth book in The Mortal Instruments and finished Clockwork Angel.

-402010087526658867_IMG_6958Then we have my green shelf! Here it is with all my POP figures and the sign. I was walking past an art fair in Arizona and came across the sign and was like “YES”! The sign -7490409549040829351_IMG_6960is super cute and reminds me every day to keep my chin up!

This is my MISTBORNNNN shelf (*cough* Mistborn). My aunt ever so kindly gave me her copy of the series to keep so it now has a dedicated shelf. It definitely needs something more so we’ll have to see.


Here’s my random shelf with a Captain America plushie and my Harry Potter books. I genuinely didn’t have room on my Harry Potter merch shelf to put the books with it so *wild shrugging* It’s on this shelf.6031680894700829416_IMG_6962

On the next level down, we get to see my “Kinda Fancy but I Need To Move These Dolls” shelf, featuring To Kill a Mockingbird and some random plastic shoes.

When I was in elementary school, I was 2898242077956382366_IMG_6964obseeesssed with the Mysterious Benedict Society. My younger self demanded a featured spot for the books, so they get their own little area. Definitely needs to be updated or decluttered.

8731536600165778178_img_6968.jpgHere’s my yellow/white shelf! I don’t have enough books for the two colors to hold their own, so instead, I smushed them together. Seeing The Cruel Prince right next to The Book of Awesome is a little disorienting so that’s definitely going to change.

I got my The Nature of Pages sign at a popular flea market when traveling the midwest and found a custom sign maker! I was actually a pretty small bookstagrammer when this was made, but it inspired me and made me happy!

230694004866444232_IMG_6969.JPGNEXT, we have my ATPN shelf by C.G. Drews over at Paper Fury because, well, her book is wonderful and it needs to have its own space to bask in glory. Also featuring my Bilbo’s Pantry candle and Hufflepuff candle by chapter one candles (who sadly went out of business).


-621879409645326388_IMG_6970.JPGThis is my Throne of Glass shelf! The series wasn’t my favorite (I like the earlier books better) but they take up so much room and are so pretty that they get a big shelf. All paperbacks except Kingdom of Ash, which is actually a signed copy!

(Getting closer to the end ;D)



Hunger Games shelf is actually a giant MESS where I usually stash props and stuff but I cleaned it off for this picture. It’s a weird assortment of objects, books, and magazines.


The Selection series has its little alcove because I want to show off my goblets and freaking big jewel. I only have two books in the series, which looks a little odd?




This shelf is my fav because LOOK AT THE COLORS. They all mix and match SO WELL and they all FIT! Wonders never cease.925922105103473089_IMG_6975

ACOTAR series has a lil spot here. I was obsessed with the series while I read it AND YET STILL NO ONE KNOWS MY PRYTHIAN COURT. DON’T ASK ME, I DON’T KNOW. It’s caused a few crises while reading. I get different results every time I take a court quiz.

4569712783538852713_IMG_6977.JPGHere’s the Harry Potter shelf, full of merch and DIY projects. About half the wands sitting there are hot glued together.

Down a level again, and there’s a weird little spot I have absolutely no clue what to do with. I’m not even gonna bother with a picture. It’s the book Legend next to Yes,  a framed writer quote and a small box. No, I don’t know how that relates but it does.-5063435555510938840_IMG_6980

Here’s my second favorite shelf XD (Poor shelves, I play favorites). The blue shelf!! It’s actually overflowing right now due to the overwhelming amount of YA books that are blue (seriously, that’s a thing right now) so I’m going to need to reorganize that… Shoutout to my @ symbol statue I got from the dollar store.-8075018594083892775_IMG_6981

Six of Crows, of course, has its own shelf. I wouldn’t dare disrespect it by putting with the others out of fear Kaz would kill me in my sleep.

Ah…my American Girl and Club Penguin books. I didn’t want to put these in because they look a little odd with my other books (especially when put next to Priory of the Orange Tree) so they get a shelf. Isn’t that teapot the CUTEST 3640203458184700658_IMG_6982.JPGthough? It was a Christmas present and I adore it.

Below is more Club Penguin books, extras, and journals that I’ve tried to keep over the years. The 5365726657080737255_IMG_6983journal with the hearts on its spine contains a list of every boy I’ve ever had a crush on since first grade. Yes, it’s still updated.

7576373521537092248_IMG_6984Here’s my cute lil shelf full of warm and fuzzy books. These are my go-to books on a bad day with a reminder for me to be happy!




Pink books shelf held up by the sheer willpower of The Crowns of Croswald. Seriously, I might not have loved that book but I have to admire its strength. I would not think a book of its size could hold us ALL THE OTHERS.5373081448489387735_IMG_6987

Here’s a shelf that I literally don’t know what to do with, so these are here. *flails*2692091825247437965_IMG_6988

My library books! I currently have like 22 checked out and HOLY COW I HAVE OVERDUE BOOKS THAT WERE DUE LAST WEEK OH NO



My black book shelf, with a twist of BOOKS ON THEIR SIDE thrown in. I actually really like how that looks so my reorganization probably will have some.

4517732249711658138_IMG_6990.JPGA random chalkboard with a mason jar (I never claimed I was super organized, okay??)

1214390566688532804_IMG_6992AAAND my current rep items that I use frequently in pictures with a few other props.



PHEW. FOLKS. YOU MADE IT. Do you need like, an energy drink or something? That was a lot to take in.

So how do you organize your shelves? I would love to hear any ideas!

Time for me to make like a tree….AND LEAF! Byeeeee!!

“Time for me to make like a tree AND LEAF” aka my outro of every BookTube video (This is ACTUALLY ME for you non-youtube bloggers out here)







7 thoughts on “Bookshelf Tour

  1. I laughed out loud at the post-poison Juliet description. xD
    My books are all disorganized, alas. I hope you have fun reorganizing them! I do like rainbow shelves, but putting series together makes more sense. Perhaps one shelf with the prettiest spines could be arranged in rainbow order even if the rest are by series.


    1. Ally ~ The Nature of Pages

      Lol, thank you! I ended up reorganizing them a few days after I wrote this and ended up nottttt liking it (I’ll be talking about that in a future blog post lol!) so now I’m in process of undoing all the damage ;D

      Liked by 1 person

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